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Final Project


tag above and press Cmd/Ctrl + E. You should see a CSS quick editor appear above, showing the CSS rule that applies to it. Quick Edit works in class and id attributes as well. You can use it with your LESS and SCSS files also. You can create new rules the same way. Click in one of the tags above and press Cmd/Ctrl + E. There are no rules for it right now, but you can click the New Rule button to add a new rule for . tag above. Notice the blue highlight that appears around the image in Chrome. Next, use Cmd/Ctrl + E to open up the defined CSS rules. Try changing the size of the border from 10px to 20px or change the background color from "transparent" to "hotpink". If you have Brackets and your browser running side-by-side, you will see your changes instantly reflected in your browser. Cool, right? tag at the top of this document and press Cmd/Ctrl + E to open a CSS quick editor. Now simply hover over any of the color values within the CSS. You can also see it in action on gradients by opening a CSS quick editor on the tag and hovering over any of the background image values. To try out the image preview, place your cursor over the screenshot image included earlier in this document.